About Holli

It is a real honor and humbling joy to “meet” you, and thank you so much for stopping in! It is my prayer that this gift of writing the Lord has given me since I was a wittle bitty girl, will be used for His glory and to bless your heart. I believe that God also intends for us to share the blessings and things He gives to us – that’s found all over the Bible. So that is why I decided to start this blog.

I named it “Purposeful Pause” because in the chaos of life, we have to be intentional with spending time with God. Calendars get filled up, we stretch ourselves way too thin, and we look up one day and find that God never moved, but oh dear one – we did. I pray this is relatable to all persons, all seasons of life, and each blog is prayed over and written under these “inspirational bursts” I’ve had for decades. Takes no more than 10 minutes to write, but oh may it be a legacy and place that you can come to for a long time to come!

About me…I am a sinner saved by grace. I lived a life where I thought I was saved, but I didn’t have the changes that believers are professing in the Word in my life! After a sad, sad, season in my life of trying to conceive, I fell to my knees and had to ask God some real, hard questions. And I found out that He loves our honest hearts, and genuine seekers. He did answer those one day, and with that and since, He’s taken me under His wings, showed me the evidence that I’m really His by the beyond miraculous work in my life He’s done so far, and He has laid it on my heart so heavily that He wants me to take my story, and His lessons He’s teaching me, and share them with the world. So this is to Him – my cornerstone, my hope, my first love, that this was born. I am looking forward to praying for you and with you, growing together in our relationships with God, and truly living out our faith in our lives.